Scyon Matrix Cladding

A contemporary, panelised, external cladding system

Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding is an exterior cladding system with a modern, contemporary geometric, expressed-joint look.

A modern and industrial design option for residential construction

Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding can be used in residential and medium-density applications wherever a modern or industrial design is required, including external walls in composite construction, upper-storey and ground-level extensions and internal feature walls.

An advanced lightweight cement composite with heavy-duty performance

  • Instead of needing the steel top hats associated with many commercial systems, Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding sheets are installed with Scyon™ cavity trim battens. The expressed joint is created easily using a 10mm packer. Sheets are sanded smooth and preprimed for fast paint application and a high-quality finish.
  • Square and rectangular panels with an expressed joint mean a variety of looks can be created, from horizontal and vertical stripes to geometric patterns. Sanded sheets give a flat, smooth finish and digital printing can add even more design options. Matrix™ cladding’s resistance to cracking, warping and swelling* means it can be painted both dark and light colours. The option of brad nailing minimises visual interruption. Matrix™ cladding may be specified for timber-framed or steel-framed structures.
  • The Matrix™ cladding panels are sealed on all sides for durability and stability.
  • When Matrix™ cladding is used with the right insulation and in accordance with the standard installation instructions, an R-Value of up to 3.3 can be achieved for the wall. Greater Total R-Values can be achieved through the use of cavity wall construction and reflective vapour permeable membranes. Refer to the James Hardie’s Wall System Thermal Performance Total R-Values Technical Supplement for more information.
  • Matrix™ cladding is made from Scyon,™ the advanced lightweight cement composite with heavy-duty performance. Not only is it resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire*, but it can also be gun nailed and is easy to cut – like timber.


Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding Installation diagram

* When installed and maintained correctly and to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.