Primeline Weatherboard

A broad range of pre-primed weatherboards

A pre-primed, site-painted weatherboard, available in a range of profiles from contemporary to traditional.

The range includes the following weatherboards:

  • PrimeLine® Summit. A slender, beaded-edge weatherboard with a strong lap line. Compatible with the HardieLock™ fixing system.
  • PrimeLine® Heritage. A double-width weatherboard with rebated edges to create shadow lines.
  • PrimeLine® Newport. A smooth, narrow weatherboard. Compatible with the HardieLock™ fixing system.
  • PrimeLine® Chamfer. A double-width weatherboard with clean lines to create a shadow effect.

Not quite the look you are after? Can we suggest a less traditional, modern weatherboard, Scyon Linea weatherboard.

Ideal for character-driven renovations and new home builds

As an external cladding in residential single and medium density homes, including alterations and additions, where a traditional or contemporary weatherboard look is required. Ideal for full wrap or composite construction designs on either timber or light gauge steel framed homes.

Look great and are easy to install, paint and maintain

  • PrimeLine weatherboards are pre-primed with a milled finish, making it easy to paint, and reducing the finishing time and cost.*
  • A wide variety of looks, from contemporary to traditional, can be achieved with the varying profiles in the range.
  • Both the Summit and Newport profiles come with the HardieLock™ fixing system, which minimises the time needed to set out the boards. The PVC HardieLock spline that runs along the back of these profiles fits neatly over the lower board, locking it securely into position. Added to this, it enables off-stud joining, which minimises wastage and allows fasteners to be concealed, which enhances the finished look. Chamfer and Heritage profiles come in a double-width board, which allows faster wall coverage, and off-stud joining is possible with the PrimeLine® Universal Off Stud Joint Clip accessory+.
  • PrimeLine weatherboard is resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire.**


PrimeLine® weatherboard Installation diagram

* Always refer to the paint manufacturer’s guidelines.
** When installed and maintained correctly and to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.