HardieTex Blue Board System

A monolithic render, minus the masonry

HardieTex™ cladding system, or blueboard, is a strong, pre-primed base sheet that is finished on-site with a specialised texture coat system,* which includes joint reinforcement. HardieTex™ blue board system is the original way to create a decorative, monolithic rendered look without the need for masonry.

Not quite the look you are after? Can we suggest a faster rendered wall solution, Easylap™ panels.

Lightweight rendered option ideal for residential homes

As an external cladding in residential homes, including alterations and additions, where a lightweight system with a monolithic rendered look is required. Ideal for full wrap or composite construction designs on either timber or light gauge steel framed homes.

Second level rendering has never been so easy and affordable

  • When it comes to double storeys in particular, two big cost-drivers are scaffolding and structural beams. Using pre-primed, lightweight HardieTex blue board base sheet instead of rendered masonry can help significantly reduce those costs.
  • The seamless, monolithic look created with HardieTex™ blue board system makes it a perfect foil for a special design accent. A variety of textures and colours can be achieved with a site-applied texture system, making HardieTex base sheet the perfect canvas for a diverse mix of colours and textures.
  • HardieTex blue board base sheet can also be used as bracing.**
  • Manufactured by James Hardie for more than 20 years, HardieTex blue board base sheet is the ‘original’ blue board fibre cement cladding designed for the application of a third party specialised 2mm thick acrylic texture coating. HardieTex blue board base sheet is resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire†.


HardieTex™ system Installation diagram

* To be applied in accordance with the texture coat manufacturer’s guidelines. ** When installed in accordance with James Hardie’s Structural Bracing Application Guide.
† When installed and maintained correctly and to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.